Pet Monarchy

You send us a photo of your pet, we make
a baroque picture for you
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The product

We depict your furry pets, "the QUEENS and KINGS of your hearts", as if they were painted by baroque artists. We present them in pompous poses and costumes of famous historical figures.

You can choose among 13 motifs of historic figures (see bellow) and 4 frame colors.

The name of your pet and the name of the costume will also be written on the picture with as shown on examples below.

Frame colors: gold, silver, white and black

How to Order

To order or if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at

The usual procedure is: you send us a photo and the name of the motif you chose, we send you a preview, you pay via PayPal using the appropriate button "Buy Now" below and finaly we mail you the picture.


The prices for a picture including the frame and including tax and standard priority worldwide shipping is:

size A4 or 8x12 inch
49 EUR in Europe
$49 in USA and all other countries

Choose a Motif

1.) Queen Elizabeth The 1st
2.) The Musketeer
3.) Kaiserin Maria Theresia
4.) Napoleon Bonaparte
5.) Queen Elizabeth Rainbow
6.) Marie Antoinette
7.) King Henry VIII.
8.) Sir Arthur Wellesley,1st Duke of Wellington
9.) The Musketeer
10.) Napoleon Bonaparte
11.) Victorious Queen Elizabeth 1st
12.) Shakespeare
13.) King Henry VIII.
14.) Baroque Lady
15.) Baroque Lady
16.) Blue Cat Lady in a Blue Dress
17.) Napoleon Bonaparte
18.) Noble Lady